Great Hindu


Being a Hindu is different from understanding Hinduism. Hinduism is full of mysteries and divine. This website is created to share tales of Gods and unveiling few mysteries. Let us start to know the Gods who walked among us and reasons why we do the rituals.

Ancient people of India had a scientific reason for all rituals that were done during pooja’s or prayer but we have missed the understanding of it in the middle.

This website is not about a religion alone it is about the rich culture of India and its people.

If you are looking for a blog to answer your questions about Hinduism then you have come to the right place.  I have been searching for answers myself and I believe I have found answers for few questions. 

Still there are many questions for which answers should be found in Hinduism. This Blog is a place for us to unveil answers for such questions. 

There are many great Hindu warriors who walked among us. One such great Hindu warrior is Swamy Vivekananda who is my inspiration.

If you need to guest blog in this site or contact me please use the contact form in the contact page. Also you can contact me through any one of the social media platforms. 

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