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Must visit temple for Fertility TamilNadu (Temple for getting pregnant)​​

There is a temple in Tamilnadu for couples to get pregnant and couples having problem with fertility.

Before thousands of years, there were two sages by the name of Gowthama and Gargeya who did penance in a place called MULLAIVANAM.  During this period a couple named Nidhruva and Vedikai offered their services to the sages and requested solution their problem not having a child so the sages asked the couples to worship Sri Garbarakshambigai. (Mullaivananathar temple, Thirukarukavur).

The couple visited the temple and offered their devotion to Sri Garbarakshambigai and Mullaivananathar. Gods pleased by their devotion blessed them to get conceive. 

During her pregnancy, Vedikai was resting in her home while her husband was away.  She was tried because of pregnancy. During this time a sage named Urdhuvapada came by her home and asked for alms. As  Vedikai was already in a completely tired state she was not able to respond to the sage’s request. The sage got angry because of her and cursed her without finding the real reason for her silence. Because of this curse, her fetus got disintegrated and descended. Shocked Vedikai prayed to the Goddess in great distress. 

The Goddess appeared before her, protected the fetus, preserved it in a sacred pot until it developed into a male child and presented it to the devoted couple. The parents named their child as ‘Naidhuruvan’.

Popular temple for infertility

Goddess uses Artificial womb to preserve the fetus of Vedikai which our scientists have developed only in this decade. The gods and sages have used this science before thousands of years but we have failed to understand these. 

Similar scenario has happened in mahabharata where Gandhari receiving boon from Vyasa and Vyasa helps Gandhari preserve her fetus in a hundred pots. 

The couple prayed to the Goddess ‘Garbharakshambigai to remain in this place and protect women and their foetus as she had done in her case. The Goddess accepted her prayer and remains here as ‘Garbharakshambigai’ meaning ‘saviour of the foetus’. This place came to be known as ‘Thirukarukavur’ i.e., the place where pregnancy is protected and also the place where childless couples are blessed with children.

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