The secret of Palani Murugan ( Karthikeya) Temple

Palani Murugan temple

Lord Palani Murugan Temple is one of few important temples of Murugan. We all know that Murugan is the son of Siva and Parvathi. 

This temple has a history of curing people with various diseases and it is famous for its prasada Panchamirtham. Panch means five and Amirtham is a divine nectar gods received while churning the ocean by devas and asuras.

The main ingredients are as follows: banana, dates, cane sugar, ghee and rock candy. 

Most people believe that if you have this panchamirtham most of the diseases will be cured. You may wonder that all the ingredients are easily available you can easily make at home but what makes it so special in the temple? 

Yes , you have guessed one of two reasons: one is the blessing of Murugan but the second one is Science. 

You heard me right, science. The statue of Murugan in the temple is made up of nine medicines which cures almost all diseases.

The statue was not created by  a sculptor, instead it was created by Siddhar Bohar. Siddhas are ancient  scientists who lived among us. There are many siddha’s but only 9 are considered to be top of them and Bohar is one of them.

He mixed 9 medicines in a  specific ratio so the statue stays solid. Also he created methods to keep the statue cold so it stays in the same condition like applying sandal paste, abhishekams multiple times a day, etc.. 

How is this statue connected with the Prasada?  The prasada is used for abhishekam for Murugan statue hence it attains the properties of 9 medicines. 

When we consume the prasada we consume the 9 medicines with them. We have used science behind our devotion to our gods and creating temples. 

But the sad fact is that no one is trying to find the reasons our ancestors have made us follow specific rules. We follow them blindly and miss understanding the science behind it. 

If we ask the proper questions we might unveil most of the answers. 

Do you know that there is a rumour that Bogar created another statue of Murugan similar to the one in Palani? No one knows where the statue is.


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